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With the global rise in overseas education, business and travel, there is a constant need for students, business professionals and travellers to spend overseas, which could be costly. Geoswift’s proprietary payment technology makes it super simple for parents paying for their children’s overseas tuition fees, while our e-Cheque and foreign exchange services capture consumers’ travelling needs.

Tuition Payments

Geoswift works with major payment processors such as UnionPay, Alipay and Tenpay to allow instant tuition payments to global schools and universities. With Geoswift, you no longer need to worry about strict currency controls, heavy paper work or long processing times.

Card Solutions

Geoswift cooperates with global card solution providers to bring unparalleled convenience to customers travelling overseas through innovative card solutions – our Geoswift e-Cheque. Our card solution brings you added convenience, flexibility and security for all your overseas spending needs, including POS purchases, cash withdrawals and repeated top-ups!

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Foreign Exchange

Geoswift owns over numbers FX outlets spanning across major cities in China in order to capture consumers’ travelling needs.

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Geoswift works closely with major banks and payment processors to make cross-border payments easy and hassle-free for individual consumers.

Fully Regulated

As a first mover advantage, we are fully licensed in our operations and are well trusted by global companies for handling of complex payment regulations and compliance.


We leverage on our global presence to offer designated English and Mandarin speaking customer services to our clients. Our global culture is unique to our delivery of exceptional customer service quality.


I’m a Partner

I am a financial institution looking for solutions to streamline gaps and processes in our cross-border payment value chain

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