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Geoswift: A Crucial Component on the Global Financial Landscape

Cross-border payments were one of the areas of the global financial landscape that were seen to be an immense challenge, despite significant leaps forward in technology and world-wide connectivity. Tied to stringent regulation, few companies seemed eager to ‘bridge the gap’, and attention was drawn elsewhere to less challenging areas. Yet, technology also yielded the …

Bobsguide Live Webinar: China’s internationalisation – Risk and Reward

Topic: China’s internationalisation – Risk and Reward Date: 30 Aug 2018 Host: David Beach from Bobsguide Guests: Raymond Qu (Geoswift’s Founder & CEO) and Skyler Webster (Western Union Business Solutions – Product Lead) Listen at: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/1811779/A4812F43B2801962C6BE15BCDDCBD7B4

Money20/20 Las Vegas 2018 – Visit Us at Booth 437 with Discount Code “GEOSW250”

Dates: October 21 – 24, 2018 Location: Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV Booth No.: 437 Discount Code: GEOSW250

Money20/20 Europe 2018 – Visit Us at Booth E101

Dates: June 4 – 6, 2018 Location: The Rai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Booth No.: E101 Raymond Qu, Founder & CEO of Geoswift, will look into the obstacles when clearing payments in & out of China and how to overcome these challenges during Money20/20 Amsterdam on 6 Jun. Check out his session: “Overcome the Biggest Challenge of Cross-border …

Money20/20 Singapore 2018 – Come see us at booth F42

Dates: March 13 – 15th, 2018 Location: Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore Booth: F42 On the Mar 13 (15:30 to 15:45), Raymond Qu will be speaking at The Moon Stage. He will share his successes and failures from navigating an uncertain, and at times, confusing payments landscape. From highlighting top industry trends and challenges – to riding …

大咖说 | 让金融科技CEO彻夜难眠的三件事

Original 2018-02-28 Money20/20 Money2020全球金融科技大会 Money20/20中国启动大会上,浙江大学互联网金融研究院院长贲圣林教授与三位金融科技界CEO针对《让金融科技CEO彻夜难眠的三件事》这一话题展开趣味横生的圆桌讨论……大咖说第二期贲圣林对话Jeff Parker, Raymond Qu, Eric Gu带你走进坊间流传之高手过招的故事…… 采访者|贲圣林(浙江大学互联网金融研究院院长)受访者|Jeff Parker, Raymond Qu, Eric Gu Jeff Parker WorldFir…

【金融科技獎】經濟通主辦FinTech Awards各大獎揭曉

《經濟通》首辦「金融科技大獎2017」,44個大獎今日(29日)揭盅。是次為首個由本港傳媒機構籌劃的「金融科技大獎2017」,以發掘本地創新金融楷模。   《經濟通》以先導者的角色,舉辦首個由本港傳媒機構籌劃的「金融科技大獎2017」 (Kenji攝)   《經濟通》以先導者的角色,舉辦首個由本港傳媒機構籌劃的「金融科技大獎2017」,以發掘本地創新金融楷模。同時《經濟通》同時為亞洲最大金融科技活動-「2018 FINTECH FINALS」的合作媒體,期望透過積極與各界合作,致力推動金融科技應用,拓展本港金融科技的生態系統,繼而鞏固香港作為國際金融科技中心的地位。 &nb…

Money20/20 China Launch Conference

Venue: Hangzhou International Exhibition Hall Date: January 30, 2018 Time: 1pm-5pm Raymond Qu, CEO & Founder of Geoswift, was being invited to speak at one of the panels to share his insights on challenges in understanding the local market, different regulatory systems and different business models etc. A session you don’t want to miss if …

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