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Navigating the financial ecosystem challenges in China from CNBC

The biggest challenge for e-commerce players remains the fast-changing dynamics of the market, says Raymond Qu of cross-border payment solutions provider Geoswift.

The Lowdown on Chinese Tourism By Dana Nino, EVP of Geoswift US

The Lowdown on Chinese Tourism  Written by Dana Nino, EVP of Geoswift US The travel vertical in and out of China represents an enormous opportunity in the global travel market MANY travel companies will agree that although China has become a huge strategic milestone for their business, it is still bringing with it apprehension and …

Money20/20, the World’s Premier FinTech Event, Launches in China, the World’s Biggest FinTech Market

LAS VEGAS, NV (February 15, 2018) — Ascential announced in Hangzhou recently the launch of its trailblazing FinTech event Money20/20 at Hangzhou International Expo Center on 14-16 November 2018. The move reflects China’s rapid ascent to become a true world leader in FinTech and global interest in Hangzhou, in particular, as a hotspot for FinTech in China. Duncan Painter, …

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