About the Procedure



进入西联官方学费支付平台WU® GlobalPay for Students,并选择国家和院校。

Enter WU® GlobalPay for Students, the Western Union tuition payment official website, Choose the country and name of your school.



Choose the country of your bank, and amount for tuition and fees.


选择银联在线(借记卡)渠道为支付方式。请留意选项中包含银联标识 和标识下方的Debit Cards(借记卡)。

Choose UnionPay Online Payment – Debit Cards as the payment channel, the one with and "Debit Cards".



You will be redirected to Confirm all information is filled out correctly. Please note that the payment method is "UnionPay Online Payment".



Pay with a debit card starting with 62. Upon finishing payment, you will receive an email confirmation.



Once your tuition is paid, don't forget to participate in our Wechat social sharing to help China Education Development Foundation receive donations of 5 RMB per share. You will also be entered into a draw for your chance to win an iPhone 11!

Terms and Conditions


• 最终费率以西联官方学费支付平台WU® GlobalPay for Students上的报价为准。
The final rate offered is subject to the quotation page on Western Union Business Solutions' tuition payment platform, WU® GlobalPay for Students .

• 本次优惠针对使用银联在线支付服务仅接受借记卡的通道,并使用卡号以62开头的银联借记卡作为支付方式。
The promotion is only available for transactions made with UnionPay debit card (with card number starting with "62"), using UnionPay – Debit Only channel.

• 限时优惠即日起至2020年9月30日结束。银联国际和汇元通有权对优惠活动进行调整并拥有最终解释权。
Limited-time offer from present to September 30, 2020. UnionPay International and Geoswift Limited reserves the right to terminate or adjust the promotion. The final interpretation is left to the discretion of UnionPay International and Geoswift Limited.

• 汇元通学费服务热线:400-1889-113 (北京时间周一至周五9:00-18:00) 或在微信搜索“汇元通国际”公众号进行客服咨询。
Need help? Feel free to call Geoswift Tuition Hotline: +86-400-1889-113 (Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00, China Standard Time) or talk to customer service via wechat account "汇元通国际".

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