Clearing payments in and out China is a complex and tricky business. There is a rapidly evolving monetary policy put in place by PBOC,
China’s Central Bank, which makes it challenging to implement a standard payment strategy.

Our product, at its core, is a multichannel Payment Switch that process payments, routing to the appropriate payment channels, partners and banks in China based on a variety of critical factors. Based on the nature of the payment, each transaction will require specific processing methods, rules and documentational support. That localized regulatory expertise is captured in our product. Our solution uses dynamic navigational input to adapt to required market change and regulatory adjustments.

To simplify our design, we specialize in several key areas of cross-border payments primarily: education, e-Commerce and travel industries.
We have in-house solutions that are customized to the specific needs of each industry that we serve. Our solutions are efficient,
automated, nimble and highly secure.

  • Collection/Settlement
    Prepaid Card Solution
  • Foreign Exchange Retail Operations

    Geoswift operates a number of foreign exchange retail outlets across major cities and provinces in China.

  • Education

    Geoswift partners with major banks and payment processors in China such as UnionPay, Alipay and Tenpay enable global education institutions to receive cross-border tuition payments from Chinese international students.

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    Geoswift offers custom, reliable cross border payment solutions for online collections and settlements, delivered with efficiency, security and peace of mind.

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    Geoswift offers cross-border payment solutions for global e-marketplaces to settle and collect payment transactions in their preferred currency with efficiencies and peace of mind.

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  • Collection from China:
    Geoswift enables global merchants to collect CNY in China and settle back to them in their desired local currency. Via our payment gateway we offer all of the relevant payment types offered in Mainland China. We are an acquirer for UnionPay International and a master merchant for Alipay, WeChat Pay and others.


    Settlement to China: 
    Geoswift allows global businesses to easily and efficiently pay all of their recipients in China. Our clients can pay in their desired local currency and settle CNY directly into their Chinese clients’ local bank accounts. Our payout solution is scalable, secure and highly efficient. We provide state-of-the art data security and compliance processes to ensure we meet and exceed the highest of compliance standards.

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  • Remittance

    With the surging numbers of cross-border links including both commercial and personal activities, there has been a huge demand for cross-border remittance services into China. However, remitting money personally into China is never easy, especially when China enforces strong regulation on CNY.

    With Geoswift, remittance is simple, safe and easy. We have established a solution that makes person to person remittance fast, transparent and trackable.

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  • Prepaid Card Solution

    We adopt a hybrid model and adapt to the needs of the market. We perform as an issuer, program manager or distributor of various card schemes servicing each specific markets.

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Proprietary Technology & Infrastructure
  • Data privacy and data protection that meets global and local standards
  • Flexible and agile IT, software development teams able to craft products that respond to identify market trends and demands
  • Robust IT infrastructure and world class facilities that are designed to meet strict PCI standards, and able to clear settlement and intelligently route payments instructions to the right payment channel
  • Retain full manageability for disaster recovery and control, while respecting the requirements from our customers in accordance with local information security and data flow requirements
End to End Banking Network
  • Own global banking accounts to operate and mobilize funds in a secured manner. We ensure our partners and clients a seamless, direct and secure transfer of payments via our end to end global banking networks
  • By understanding the ever-evolving PSPs and payments landscape in China, we acquire the industry know-how and understand the unique characteristics of our extensive network of payment channels
  • Nimble, customized Treasury solutions to manage complex payment flows and multi-currency reconciliation requirements
Operations as a Service
  • We craft our operations to suit the needs of our clients and create an efficient workflow to add value to their payment process
  • Global network of customer service teams enable us to serve local markets with the appropriate expertise, culture, knowledge and mindset, while serving as a robust global operational arm of your business
  • Local Account Managers, with expertise in all aspects of the payment lifecycle, provide value-added, daily support to our large strategic clients, while helping them to grow business efficiency and market share in China
End to End Compliance
  • Highly skilled legal and compliance professionals situated in China and across our operating regions. This enables us to comply with regulations in both originated and designated regions. We conduct end-to-end AML and KYC sanction screening from payments sending and receiving markets
  • Geoswift Global Compliance and Information Security teams manage a complex, worldwide regulatory governance process with stringent security standards related to cross-border payments in and out of China
  • We ensure that all of our client’s data and payment information is fully protected, securely transmitted and efficiently delivered with all of the appropriate safeguards in place for the lifecycle of the transaction
Our Offices

Geoswift is headquartered in Hong Kong with worldwide network of offices located in Shanghai, Singapore, London, Vancouver, San Francisco and Seattle. We also maintain a number of currency exchange outlets throughout major cities in China. Our global network of offices allows us to serve local markets with local expertise, culture, language and at the same time retain global knowledge and professionalism.

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Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2312 2168
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